Think The Best Products And Teams Always Win?
Think Again.

You can have a brilliant technology, a world-class team, and millions of dollars of investment from market-leading investors...and throw it all out the window if you target the wrong markets, choose the wrong distribution channels for your products, or build the wrong culture for your company. 

At Exponents, we've developed a new approach to go-to-market strategy and company-building that uses storytelling to ensure you get all those critical components right. 

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For Founders & Executives Who'd Like Absolute Clarity On The Most Profitable Go-To-Market Strategy:

Any epic journey worth taking is full of uncertainty, obstacles, pitfalls, and risks. Some of these are like steep cliffs on both sides of your narrow trail: failing to navigate them successfully may be fatal, but at least you know where they are.

Others, though, are more like punji stick straps along your path through a dense jungle: you may have some sense they're out there, but you have no idea you're about to fall into one until your whole team is up to their necks in sharpened bamboo sticks.

I created Exponents to help the founders and leadership teams of companies with disruptive potential develop absolute clarity on the best possible go-to-market strategy for your products, markets, team, and stage of growth.

And while this could mean lots of different things, the results for you, your team, and your investors are the same: more value, lower risk, and A LOT LESS uncertainty. Want to learn more?

For The Builders, Doers, & Dreamers Who
Aspire To Help Humanity Thrive:

Since leaving my career as a magazine journalist in 2007, I've struggled to align my professional activities with my desire to increase the probability of a positive outcome for humanity.

But recently, I found clarity. I've set out to create a definitive resource on how to bring transformative, abundance-generating ideas, technologies, and products into the world and make them radically successful.

And so of course, I'm doing a podcast.

Launching this Summer, Dispatches From The Future is a podcast about how to build a future full of abundance, self-determination, and peace...instead of scarcity, totalitarianism, and endless war.

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Gautam Tambay Co-Founder

We knew we had a compelling product (people who used the product loved it), but our funnel was not converting. Dan came in and understood our business really quickly. In the first conversation, he just "got it" in a way that most consultants don't.

In the course of working with Dan, we increased sales by 150%, which allowed us to start using paid acquisition channels that were previously unviable. This was a BIG win, and we continue to use the building blocks that Dan created for us.

But I also loved to see his process: Rather than jump to solutions or conclusions, he started with first principles: talking to the users–current, past, churned–you name it. He really knows what questions to ask to really get insight into why people are deciding to use / not use the product. Dan will very quickly understand your customers as well or better than anyone on your team.

Three big things happened after a company I invested in worked with Dan.

1) Sales are way up. Now 166% month over month growth. 2) 1 in 5 customers are purchasing the product without ever speaking to a sales person. 3) The team receives quite a bit of feedback on demo calls where people say "I get it." 

None of this ever happened prior to the team working with him.

Zac Auger Angel Investor
Ben Virdee-Chapman Head of Design

After working with Dan, our conversion from from qualified leads to booked revenue more than doubled.

Me Chief Exponent

A brilliant product without an equally-brilliant go-to-market strategy is like the Vienna Philharmonic playing Mozart's Symphony No. 40 to a half-empty dive bar after last call.

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