Let's Create Abundance
For All Humankind 

Dispatches From The Future is a podcast about technology and humanity for the builders, dreamers, and doers who aspire to help the world thrive.

A Podcast About The Future Of Humanity & The World

Contemplate the
future of technology

Go deep on the future of technology
and humanity with the people building it.

Hear from people
who live in the future

Interviews with entrepreneurs, technologists, and writers whose efforts will help us build a prosperous world.

Chart a path to a
future of abundance

We'll explore what it will take to transcend our weaknesses and ensure humanity prevails.

Build the world
the future needs

Let's create a future of abundance, self-determination, and peace...instead of scarcity, totalitarianism, and war.

The Builder's Guide To The Next 5-10-20 Years

Consider the implications of brain-computer interfaces

​Walk along the edges of "neurotech" and hear about the technologies that will someday wire our minds directly to each other and the world wide web.

    Dive into the future of robots and automation

    Robots are already automating ever-more sophisticated tasks and jobs. Will this lead to a future of mass unemployment, abundance, or both?

    Preview virtual and augmented realities

    Virtual reality will change the way we entertain ourselves, educate our children, and empathize with people we’ve never met. Augmented reality will change the way we experience the physical world. Both will blow our minds.

    Get the latest in synthetic biology

    Today, bioengineers are cooking up completely new organisms with hand-coded DNA. Tomorrow, these organisms will change the ways we eat, fight diseases, and understand ourselves.

    What happens when we start playing God?

    In the near future, we will develop the capability to alter our minds, bodies, and maybe even our souls. We’ll explore what it means to be human when we start to play god.

Interviews With Visionaries

Ramez Naam

Prometheus-award winning author of the Nexus trilogy

Brad Templeton

Expert on self-driving cars, entrepreneur, and artist

Madeline Ashby

Professional futurist and author of sci-fi novel, vN

Robert Wright

Author of Nonzero and The Moral Animal

Dispatches From The Future: A Podcast
About A Brighter Destiny For Humanity

Launching in early 2017, Dispatches From The Future will bring you weekly stories and insights into the amazing things happening right now that will have significant impact 5, 10, and 20 years down the line. The target listeners are the dreamers, builders, thinkers, and doers who aspire to ensure humanity prevails and thrives. Does this sound like you?