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Depending on your product, leadership team, target market, and stage of growth, the ways I add value can take a variety of forms. So here are some high-level details about what I offer:

Strategic clarity, tactical roadmap, and the fastest path to message/market fit – 1:1 coaching

Many founders believe they have strategic clarity before their first conversation with me.

That certainty often begins to shift in the first 20 minutes of our first conversation, when a large unseen or under-appreciated opportunity or strategic risk reveals itself.

And don’t get me started on the painful tactical stuff:

  • Paid traffic going to a homepage
  • One (often vague, undifferentiated and/or feature-focused) message for the entire range of possible audiences.
  • Short blog posts that focus on product announcements, company news, new team members, etc
  • A lot of money being spent on PR with no way of measuring the actual value.
  • It goes on.

Strategic clarity and tactical excellence requires developed rock-solid answers to every important “why” “what” “who” and “how” question about your startup. 

To beat the odds and build products that catch on and a company that stays independent and lasts, you must have clear, compelling, and convincing answers for every single one of those questions….and you must keep making them better all the time.

I’ve discovered that by properly articulating 3 specific kinds of stories, founders, product people, marketers, and salespeople:

  • Rapidly develop clarity on the most powerful words they can use to explain their product and company (to customers, investors, journalists, partners, potential hires, etc)
  • Place the words in places that drive quality leads, improve conversions at every stage of the marketing and sales process, increase investor interest, and boost excitement, morale, and alignment inside the company.
  • Expose and repair strategic blindspots across product, marketing, sales, and even team dynamics.
  • Significantly reduce multiple forms of risk.

These three kinds of stories are:

  • The origin story
  • The story of transformation
  • The journey to a profoundly better tomorrow.

This approach focuses on regular 1:1 calls for 60 minutes where we address the challenges and opportunities of the moment and the near future and develop concrete, immediately actionable (starting that day) steps you can take to soar over them.

Start here.

1:1 Coaching and Execution Support (Done WITH You)

This is just like the first one, plus includes support and hands-on guidance on executing those steps we develop on the call.

This could mean:

  • Creating and reviewing tactical roadmaps in your company’s collaboration tool of choice
  • Defining and refining the architecture of a multi-step marketing and/or sales funnel, including messaging and campaigns for each step.
  • Outlining “epic content” designed to be THE definitive educational piece on a subject of essential concern to your target audience (great for ranking high on Google and repurposing into multiple campaigns (email, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, guest appearances on podcasts, etc)
  • Editing that content.
  • Upgrading the messaging on critical pages of your website in real time.
  • Upgrading sales and marketing presentations, investor pitches, and so on.

This, too, starts here.

Done-for-You Strategy AND Implementation

This is my full-service offering.

Here, instead of guiding you and your team around the biggest strategic obstacles and towards the biggest opportunities in front of you, I roll up my sleeves and navigate them for you.

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