"The words you use and stories you tell to describe your company, products, and/or yourself have enormous power."

 Whether it's an investor pitch, a customer acquisition system, or a go-to-market story that needs to sing an epic song of the right customers, transformative value, money, and growth, it's language and strategy that brings (or stifles) the results.

I craft the words and the strategies that create transformative results.

I help the people and companies creating humanity's abundant future describe their value in clear, compelling, and appropriately epic terms.

It's easy to underestimate the centrality of language and the stories crafted around it to the success of your company. I cannot take credit for this idea. The Silicon Valley growth mind James Currier said it first "language defines product."

One of Currier's prime examples is the language a team uses to describes a dating app.

Currier's focus is the impact of language on product decisions, so he might highlight the differences in the interfaces and new user on-boarding experiences between:

  • A dating apps that defines its value as "The Secret Way To Get Down With People Nearby"
  • One that offers to help you "Date. Meet Friends. Network"
  • And third where you can "Match and meet curious & kinky couples and singles."

With great respect for Currier's mind and perspective, I'd go even further:

The language and stories you tell define your whole company, all of its products, the people you hire, and the type of customers or end-users you go after, the reasons they choose you (or not).

(My essay about Twitter's relative stagnation elaborates this concept in depth)

To use the same example: how many differences do you expect exist between the leadership styles, internal cultures, hiring processes, ideal candidates, ideal customers, effective marketing messages, and customer acquisition strategies between "The secret way to get down with people nearby" and "Date. Meet Friends, and Network, " and "Match and meet curious & kinky couples and singles."

I don't know about you, but I'd expect worlds of difference, much of it stemming from the type of people those words attract or (in the less neutral cases) turn away.

For me, I'm here to help co-create a new kind of operating system at the intersection of evolved consciousness and technology with the founders, builders, dreamers, healers, teachers, artists, and human beings working to help humanity thrive...

...An operating system designed to support human health and well-being of every kind...one that respects the definition of "well-being" and the belief systems that support it may be unique to every individual person and collective.

...A system that optimizes for broad distribution of happiness instead of aggregation. 

....that integrates the best of every approach to human thriving with the help of an AI designed from the ground up around the logic of "win-win-win" cooperation instead of "win-lose" competition.

Every time an idea for a novel technology, product, service, philosophical underpinning, governance model, etc that this new kind of operating system might need enters my head, I find that someone or some great team is already working on that exact thing or some component of it...

...and usually not describing the value in anything close to sufficiently clear, persuasive, or epic terms.

So if you're one of them (or even think you might be) I'm here to help you to fix that.

I got lots and lots of ways, all of them clean, ethical, transparent, and above board. 

I would tell you all about them here, but there's a coda in storytelling to show not tell. Plus, some mystery is good to leave open to your curiosity, yes? 

How does all this so-called magic work? 

  1.  You click one of the green buttons on this page
  2. A form appears asking for your name, your email, and a link.
  3. You insert a link to your website (or, if you don't have one) to wherever your product, service, or vision is described best.
  4. IF I perceive a potential mutual fit, sometime in the next 7-14 days, you'll receive via email unmistakable proof I get the value you're building and a small taste of the value available to you through me. An amuse-bouche, if you will.
  5. If I don't see a mutual fit, I'll reach out and tell you.
  6. We go from there.