"With a novel, story-driven strategy, a growing number of transformative products, services, or ideas have doubled, even tripled their growth in 90 days...and sometimes less."

A decentralized transportation startup grew revenue from $20K/month to $120K/month, went from 15% month-over-month growth to 45%, and added millions to their valuation in a single quarter. 

A healer whose methods saved the careers of UFC Champions and NFL Stars generated a 2987% return on every $1 of advertising invested in a single pre-sale campaign. 

And 4 of the last 6 essays by the dude who created this framework have attracted at least 15,000 readers each within 2 days of publication (all organic + $0 spent on ads + less than 30 minutes of promotion)

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If you're a leader of a startup, movement, association, or non-profit that has yet to reach planetary scale (or even think you might be one)...

OR you're flying solo but have incredibly useful things to teach (like self-reliance skills, personal growth frameworks, 21st century vocational knowledge, etc) 

 ...AND you're working on possible solutions to really, truly significant problems (like energy, education, food, health, digital/personal/community security, next-generation telecommunications, space, governance, etc)...

...AND you would like to find a clear, deeply-considered, and battled-tested path to overcoming your biggest strategic challenges and dramatically accelerating your success...

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