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Misguided Strategy Kills Products, Vaporizes Value, and Sends Years of Effort Spiraling Down The Drain

        <h2>Dozens of qualified leads, including the highest revenue opportunity we've had to date, have flowed in ever since."</h2>        
        <h2>We've taken an early stage startup from $20K/month to $120K/month in 90 days, turned every $1 invested in ads into $29 in revenue, and validated new features by generating $32,000 in pre-sales before anyone wrote code. <br><br>We call what we do "Revenue-As-A-Service." 

We offer it to three qualified startups per quarter and we’re taking applications for Q2.
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our Unique Story-Driven Strategy Framework Delivers Long-Term Growth

Your Origin Story makes your company and products more compelling to customers and job candidates by articulating your values and clarifying your purpose.

Your Stories of Transformation turn cold or lukewarm prospects into paying customers by showing them exactly how your product delivers the outcomes they desire.

And your Epic Vision keeps your team aligned, optimistic, and focused on the most critical tasks…especially through the moments when the going gets tough

Strategic Growth > Tactical Hacks.

Chasing growth tactics that lose their effectiveness the moment the competition catches on rarely leads to a long-lasting business.

The Exponents team designs granular, testable execution plans and clear strategic roadmaps that create lasting systemic advantages…the kind that keeps your competitors and fast-followers dazed, confused, and very far behind.

Pay for Outcomes, Not Deliverables

Nearly all external service providers make you pay for their output, whether or not it delivers results.

Not us. 

Other than your relatively modest investment in the detailed execution plan we design for you, all of our upside is based on the upside we deliver for you.. 

The bigger you win, the bigger we win. It’s that simple

Meet Our Team

Daniel Kaplan – Strategic and Growth Exponent

Daniel Kaplan is the founder of Exponents and the creator of the Story-Driven Strategy Framework.

He’s been known to publish 5,000-10,000 word essays on strategy that bring in 22,000 readers in two days, to use Facebook Ads to turn every $1 of ad spend into $29 of revenue, and to help founders validate new products with $29.4K in pre-sales before their products were even built.

He also helped a decentralized transportation startup grow from $20K/month in revenue and 10% month-over-month growth to $150K/month and 30% month-over-month growth in 90 days flat.

His columns about the future of technology and humanity have been featured TechCrunch, and he once got himself in trouble with an employer for landing an “unauthorized” essay on the top of Techmeme.

Jonathan Lachman – People Operations Exponent

Jonathan Lachman specializes in designing organizational structures that empower talented people to do their best work together and helping innovative companies from the private sector do business with the government.

Before joining Exponents, he led high-performing teams in the Obama Administration, where he oversaw a $1 trillion national security and international affairs budget portfolio at the White House, and where he managed day-to-day operations for the Pentagon’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of Defense.

For his contributions to national security, Jonathan received the Defense Department’s Distinguished Public Service award in 2016–the highest honor it grants civilians.

Luke Pellegrini

Luke Pellegrini – Community Development Exponent

Luke has an almost-superhuman ability to walk into an event full of VIPs and end the evening with the most sought-after people there asking him for advice and introductions to his contacts.

Before joining Exponents, Luke founded two startups and organized Hold The Fort, an event that unites artists, musicians, technologists, and private family offices with leaders of struggling communities to revitalize those communities in ways that both respect and benefit those who live there.


Jennifer Dunne – Customer Experience Exponent

Jennifer Dunne has a remarkable ability to cut straight through the noise of complex team dynamics and frame the challenges in ways that naturally leads to their resolution.

She once rearchitected the internal customer support systems for a world-leading systems integrator, allowing the company to support thousands of new enterprise users without impacting service quality.

As a direct result of Jennifer’s work, the company improved overall customer satisfaction from 74% to 98%.



Jonathan Kolber – Business Model Exponent

Jonathan Kolber is the author of A Celebration Society, a definitive vision for an economic, cultural, and political system built around abundance-creating technologies, mutually shared values, transparency, and consent.

Before writing his book and joining Exponents, Jonathan wrote a subscription-only newsletter on emerging technologies. Under his watch, that newsletter added $4,000,000 in revenue.

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