I help the people and organizations creating humanity's abundant future tell their stories in clear, compelling, and appropriately epic terms.

It's easy to underestimate the centrality of language and the stories crafted around it to the success of a company, mission, or even a person. I cannot even begin to take credit for this idea. In Silicon Valley, the growth expert James Currier said well: "language defines product."

With great respect for Currier's mind and perspective, I'd go even further:

The stories we tell to ourselves , our investors, our teams, and the world at large are the foundation of an entire organization, all of its products, and all the processes involved in bringing both of them to the market stage.

Those stories attracts (or repels) the people we hire, helps them stay them motivated, clear, and aligned (or not) throughout the journey.

They determine the type of customers and partners we want, and gives them reasons to choose our what we have to offer (or not).

The story that motivates me is to this is the opportunity, present for the first time in what may be aeons, for the whole human species and all of its constituent parts to transcend the limitations, trauma, and stories of its past and step into an entirely new future. 

A future of abundance.

One designed to adapt rapidly and gracefully to unexpected change, that support human health, happiness, and well-being of every kind...that respects the notion that the definition of "well-being" and the belief systems around it may be unique to every individual person and community...while at the same time shining the light on just how much more we have in common than our seeming differences and conflicts would suggest.

...Built on systems that optimize for and rewards interdependence and collaboration across industries, communities, and nations...

That (through simple shifts in perspective) transforms former competitors (even antagonists) into allies, and demonstrates clearly that, yes, individual happiness and well-being tends to increase when wealth and power focuses on fostering human happiness, but also more wealth.

....that integrates the best of every approach to human thriving with the help of an AI designed from the ground up around the logic of "win-win-win" cooperation instead of "win-lose" competition.

Every time an idea for a novel technology, product, service, philosophical underpinning, governance model, etc that this new kind of operating system might need enters my head, I find that someone or some great team is already working on that exact thing or some component of it...

...and usually not describing the value in anything close to sufficiently clear, persuasive, or epic terms.

So if you're one of them (or even think you might be) I'm here to help you to fix that.

I got lots and lots of ways, all of them clean, ethical, transparent, and above board. 

I would tell you all about them here, but there's a coda in storytelling to show not tell. Plus, some mystery is good to leave open to your curiosity, yes? 

How does all this so-called magic work? 

  1.  You click one of the green buttons on this page
  2. A form appears asking for your name, your email, and a link.
  3. You insert a link to your website (or, if you don't have one) to wherever your product, service, or vision is described best.
  4. IF I perceive a potential mutual fit, sometime in the next 7-14 days, you'll receive via email unmistakable proof I get the value you're building and a small taste of the value available to you through me. An amuse-bouche, if you will.
  5. If I don't see a mutual fit, I'll reach out and tell you.
  6. We go from there.