"The Stories You Tell Have More Impact On Your Success (or Failure) Than Nearly Everything Else..."

(Yes, they're even more important than your products, your team, your marketing messages, your sales efforts, your investors...EVERYTHING!)

Watch this video series to discover why telling the right stories is the #1 factor that separates the sustainable market-leaders from the also-rans.

  • The 4 brutal ways the tech industry's bias against marketing obliterates value across the entire ecosystem...for founders, employees, and investors alike.
  • IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT PRODUCT! The "one real reason" responsible for 11 of the top 20 commonly-cited reasons startups and new products fail. 
  • The single, common explanation behind Slack's and Snapchat's meteoric growth, Google Glass's failure, and Twitter's never-ending struggles. (Hint: 99% of commentators get this wrong).
  • The 5-Step "Ideal Beachhead Market" Discovery And Domination Process that identifies your highest-leverage go-to-market strategy and makes your marketing and sales messages immensely more compelling.
  • The 3 most critical "foundational stories" you and everyone on your team needs to know cold, why they are utterly essential, and how to get yours right
  • How to craft foundational stories that clarify your vision, motivate your team, and persuade potential customers, top-notch job candidates, and influential journalists to buy in...even if you aren't a natural storyteller or hate writing.


Shows You How To Use The Foundational Story Framework To Develop Absolute Clarity On Your Company's Path To Market Leadership...And Then Start Walking That Path In 90 Days Or Less

Dan Kaplan Chief Exponent

Foundational stories provide concrete answers to every important “why” “what” “who” and “how" question anyone (including you) might have about you, your company, and the products you're building. To beat the odds against ANY ambitious new concept, build products that catch on, and create a company that lasts, you need clear, compelling, and convincing answers for all of these questions.