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NOTE: This sessionwill NOT be a drawn-out sales pitch!

Nobody wants to hop on a "free strategy call" that is little more than a sales pitch in disguise, and that is not what this is. 

Instead, I will ask you about your company, your product(s), your biggest goals, ​and the most menacing roadblocks that might stand in your way. We will then work together to build a strategic and tactical roadmap that will allow you to overcome those menacing roadblocks and ensure you meet your goals...and maybe even surpass them.

If you like what you hear AND I'm 100% confident that working with me will deliver meaningful ROI for you, then (AND ONLY THEN), I will ask you to become a customer.

If there's not a good fit or you don't want to become a worries! We will part on good terms, and the roadmap we created together will be yours to keep​, free of charge.

Still not sure? Here's what a few previous clients have to say:

Gautam Tambay Co-Founder

We increased sales by 150%...

We knew we had a compelling product (people who used the product loved it), but our funnel was not converting. Dan came in and understood our business really quickly. In the first conversation, he just "got it" in a way that most consultants don't.

In the course of working with Dan, we increased sales by 150% compared to when he came in, which allowed us to start using paid acquisition channels that were previously unviable. This was a BIG win, and we continue to use the building blocks that Dan created for us.

But I also loved to see his process. Rather than jump to solutions or conclusions, he started with first principles: talking to the users–current, past, churned, abandoned carts–you name it. He really knows what questions to ask to really get insight into why people are deciding to use / not use the product.

In a 15 minute call, Dan was able to get through 10+ meaty questions, and get 2-3 pages worth of really valuable insights. He'll very quickly understand your users as well as or better than anyone on your team.

3) The team receives quite a bit of feedback on demo calls where people say ‘I’ve read the site and I get it.’ This also never happened prior to Dan's help.
Zac Auger Angel Investor

Ben Virdee-Chapman Head Of Design

After working with Dan, we dramatically increased our conversions from qualified leads to booked revenue, adding $500K in ARR in under 3 months!

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